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 Seller's Guide 

If what you want is a convenient, quick and effective way to sell and trade your old things or brand new Products, find clients for your Services or Meet that Special Person in your life localy, is the place to do it. Open at the tip of your fingers 24/7 from any computer in the world, you can get instantly a professional looking ad, full page with up to 6 photos, easy to read, easy to find by the people who needs the service you offer or want what you sell.
Make Changes at Any Time
You can make any changes to your ad at any time; add new pictures, delete old ones, change the text, the price, whatever you want and it will appear instantly to start giving you the service you deserve. To do it all you need is to login and click on the MANAGE MY ADS link at the MENU OPTIONS at the Blue Bar in any page of the site
No waste of time, the ads come out as you click them in and your items are for sale immediately. The most practical and quickest way to hit the market at a fraction of what other media charges for lesser service.
While you can enter and see ads without registering, you'll need to register to be eligible to Win Prizes and place ads. To register go to the MENU OPTIONS at the Blue Bar in any page and click on the REGISTER link and follow the instructions, making sure to enter the accurate information so we can provide you with the Prizes in case you win. Read the Privacy Policy where we assure your information will not be sold and is for the sole use of
How To Place an Ad
Once registered, login using your user's name and password and click on the PLACE ADS link at the Blue Bar in any page and choose the type of ad you want. 1-General 2-Real Estate or 3-Personal and click the Continue link. Once in this page fill up the information you want to offer making sure to do the ones with a red asterisk as a minimum otherwise the system won't allow you to continue. It's important you choose the right category for your item to be found and sold to the person that will look for it there. If you have a website there is a place to type its URL and send prospect buyers to it.
Ad's Time Period and Autorelist.
All ads are set to have a 15 day length of time, relistable automatically for up to 6 consecutive periods if you choose so at the time of the insertion (Once a user manually closes an ad, it will no longer autorelist). Your account will be charged for only one 15 day period at a time of insertion and re-insertion. If you decide for a single 15 day period and your stuff hasn't sold, then you can renew it with a few clicks by going to the MANAGE MY ADS section. In some cases like Garage Sales you may not need so many days to sell your items but we offer it at a lower cost than other media's shorter periods. You can close the ad after your sale is over.
Featured Ads
When choosing this feature your ads will be at the forefront of the pack in a special section before the regular ads will be seen and also comes with an icon that makes it more distinctive. Statistics show many people once they find what they're looking for don't go to the end of the line, so the forward ads always have more exposure. A small fee is charged for this service.
Highlight Option
Highlighting is one of several options you can choose to make your listings stand out. You can even choose from several colors you want to use for highlighting the area in the list where people browsing pick ads they want to see enhanced to their single page.
Photos and Images
An Image is worth a thousand words is the adage and it works especially well when selling, offering a service or wanting to meet the right person in your life. It is a statistical fact ads with pictures are seen many times over the ones with no pictures, and are more effective. We have made it easy for you to upload up to 5 pictures and with our system we offer to store them inside our site to make it easy to upload. The system also can reduce the size of your pictures up to a certain extent but if still you have trouble uploading them because a window is telling you it's too large, you can either reduce the size on your own (we allow a large 500Wide X 465High Pixels size) or send it in an email to us at and we'll upload it for you for a fee. All pictures have to be GIF, JPEG or PNG Files.
Thumbnail Display
Thumbnails are those miniature copies of your big pictures and we have designed them to be right at the page where people are looking for ads displayed in a vertical column, so anyone can see you have included a picture and makes it more likely they will click into your single ad page to see more in depth information about you or your services and products. The thumbnail in this page will always be the first picture you upload.
Bold Font offers bold letters as standard to all ads in the Description text for anyone to read them easily. The Bold Title is an option with a small fee.
Special and Additional Icons
Icons displayed with ad listings can make these items stand out to attract the attention. There is a HOT icon for ads that have the most views as standard with no fee. There is a PICTURE "P" icon for ads that have an image attached to them. All other icons can be chosen at the time of insertion and they have a small fee (see the Ad fee list at the link MENU OPTIONS at the Blue Bar in any page)
If you prefer not to have persons interested in your ad to contact you directly to your personal phone or email address, you can receive and send messages from your account. To read your messages you login and go to MENU OPTIONS link at the blue bar and click on MESSAGES.
Account Management at Your Fingertips
At you can manage your own account details at any time from any computer 24/7. Changes like new phone numbers, email addresses, change passwords, set up Ad Watches, close down ads, renew ads, change your billing information (new card expiration dates, change accounts, etc). It is so practical and easy to do.
Comprehensive Help
We've strived to make Cyber as intuitively easy as possible to use. However, since certain options or terminiology might not be clear to new users, pop-up help windows are used extensively throughout website for added guidance. By clicking on one help link conveniently located next to any option you are picking, you will see a pop up window with an explanation. These help files will explain what to do in that particular point in the site.
Automatic Activity Email is designed to help you stay informed of ad activity in items you have posted. We will automatically notify you when your ads have expired so that you know to renew them.
Bulk Uploader
The Bulk Uploader feature is a powerful tool that allows advanced users to list a large amount of ads at one time. All you need to do is to create a CSV file (typically in Microsoft Excel) with a row with the properties for each ad. Based on your own configuration options, will generate a sample file that you can download. This file will contain the necessary headings and samples of what kind of data should be in each cell. You can take the time creating a CSV file when you are offline, and just come to the site to upload all of your ads at once without having to go through the step-by-step process each time.
Closing Ads Down
Another great convenience is to be able to close your ads down after you sell all your items, directly and immediately from any computer and avoid the annoying constant calls from buyers that other systems make you endure. To do it you click on the MANAGE MY ADS link at the MENU OPTIONS at the Blue Bar, it will take you to the page where you have all your ads and there you can choose to close anyone you please. You login to get to it.
We have tried hard to make it easy for you to navigate and place ads in this our site, but if you find anything that you think needs improvement, please go to the "contact us" link at the blue bar in any page, or regular post to PO Box 631416 Houston TX. 77263 with your suggestions.
We have a section for Frequent Asked Questions at the HELP link at the Blue Bar in any page where you'll find many answers to your questions. If you still cant find the answer to your inquiry please go to the Contact Us link at the HELP link and well answer you within 24 hours.